"How much is this going to cost me?" A question we all ask. Many businesses offering income tax services have complex price structures based on the type of service you require and the number of different actions required to provide the service - regardless of the amount of time or expertise required to complete the service. My fee structure is simply this - you only pay for the time it takes to get the job done. You receive the full benefit of my time and 30 years of experience (including my 20 years of Canada Revenue Agency experience) regardless of how complex or straightforward your return or problem is.  I am happy to give you a free cost estimate so you know how much your service will cost, up front, with no surprises.

Here is what I charge

My fee is $110.00 an hour (plus GST).  Payment method accepted is e-transfer email bank payments.  Payment is due at the time service is provided. Call for a free price quote.


Enjoy remote service from the comfort and convenience of your home

Service is provided to you remotely so you don't have to leave the comfort and convenience of your home or office.  Service is billed a minimum 1 hour fee ($110 + GST). Service requiring more than an hour is billed an additional prorated fee based on the time in excess of 1 hour. Most standard personal returns only take about 1 hour to complete depending on the complexity of the return. Returns with rental or complex investment income typically take longer than an hour to complete. Also, returns with a lot of deductions including investment costs and medical expenses require more than an hour to complete.


Services included at no additional cost

Many of my services are provided at no additional cost to my clients.  These services include:

  1. Monitoring the processing of all work including income tax returns after they have been filed, to ensure they are processed as they were filed,
  2. Responding to most Canada Revenue Agency requests for information when an income tax return is being reviewed (audited)*,
  3. Responding to most other Canada Revenue Agency enquiries and requests on a client's behalf*,
  4. Providing ongoing updates to clients on all work being handled including progress reports on returns being processed and adjustments being made,
  5. Providing clients with general income tax information and advice and account based information at anytime during the year,
  6. Providing clients with PDF copies of their income tax returns and notices of assessment upon request.
*Some exceptions and limitations apply.