A fair and  important question. My name is Allan Dingwell and I have been assisting clients with their income tax for 30 years. I retired from a career with the Canada Revenue Agency in 2011 after almost 20 years of service and started my own income tax practice in 2012. During my 20 years with the Canada Revenue Agency, I held many positions and wore many hats but what is most important is all my time was spent working directly with taxpayers on issues that mattered most to them. My focus continues to be assisting my clients with all their income tax concerns.


During my time with the Canada Revenue Agency, I worked with taxpayers to help them solve problems that no one else  could. I worked with seniors and families to help them file their returns and pay the lowest amount of tax possible.  I have worked with estate executors to ensure that their tax obligations didn't add more stress to an already difficult time. I have worked with accountants and lawyers so they could be more efficient in their dealings with the Canada Revenue Agency.


My focus is on doing the job right the first  time. I do this by knowing my clients. I take the time to fully understand your income tax situation and address it so it gets handled correctly.


My 20 years of Canada Revenue Agency experience is invaluable when it comes to  knowing what to do and how to get it done.

My Areas of Expertise

Customer Testimonials

I got a letter from the CRA saying they wanted me to file my back income tax returns and I didn’t even know where to start.  I hadn’t filed any returns for a few years and didn’t even have all my information.  Allan was able to get most of my missing information from the CRA and we were able to file the returns they wanted.  I thought I would owe tax but I got a refund for a couple of years so it all worked out much better than I expected.  I’m really glad I got Allan to file my returns.  It all got done great!"

Jeanette Wilson