Kensington Income Tax Services is a "fully remote income tax services" business. All services are provided remotely so you never have to leave the comfort and convenience of your home or office to have your income tax return prepared or your income tax issue handled.

All appointments are handled virtually by phone or video conference.

Appointments are available when it is most convenient for you including during the day as well as in the evening and on weekends.

30 years assisting clients with all their personal income tax obligations.

"20 years of experience with the Canada Revenue Agency does make a difference!"

Call or email for a free cost quote for any service.

Featured Testimonials


"I need to know that my taxes are being filed correctly because I've had problems with the "big tax filing businesses" in the past.  Allan has filed my income tax return for a few years now and it's always been done right.  This year we used Zoom to discuss my income tax information and it worked great.  It was very convenient and I got everything done without leaving the house."

William (Bill) Johnson